Chris Wright

Founder of The Wellbeing Guy

‘The Wellbeing Guy’ was founded in 2017 by Chris Wright, a practitioner and ex-manager of wellbeing and disability support services. 

Chris has a wealth of experience in the mental health field having worked between Higher Education support, third sector organisations and private training consultancy for over 10 years both in strategic and practitioner capacities. 

During his time as a wellbeing practitioner, Chris worked extensively with adults in Higher Education, supporting them to develop strategies to better manage the impact of conditions such as bipolar, anxiety & depression and psychosis.

Chris’ efforts have previously seen him be awarded the ‘Learning Support Award 2012’, ‘Inspirational Mentor of the Year 2013’ and nominated for ‘Support Staff of the Year 2015’.

Based now in South Wales, Chris’ work has previously taken him across the UK, to Ireland and to Finland, presenting and speaking to various audiences about improving and safeguarding wellbeing among teens and young adults.


Sarah is a highly experienced wellbeing practitioner, having worked in support and wellbeing since 1991 and been employed by Mind for 18 years in a variety of roles.

She recently set up her organisation Uplifted Wellbeing and since this time has been co-delivering with me on the ASIST suicide intervention programmes we run throughout Wales and the South West, as well as supporting our safeTALK workshops as a Community Resource Helper.

Her experience covers all aspects of mental health support and includes facilitating courses such as ‘Anxiety Management’, ‘Stress Control’ and ‘Living Life to the FUll’. She’s created and delivered recovery and wellbeing workshops and seminars provided one to one specialist and tenancy support and promoted mental health awareness and training to the wider community.

Sarah Jones

Mental Health First Aid (Wales)
Instructor & ASIST Master Trainer

We’ve worked alongside some great people along the way