Looking after our community

Last Friday we launched a new three-part email series designed to support our growing online community during these uniquely challenging times.

With all of our in-person workshops and bookings postponed due to the current physical-distancing measures in place in the UK, we were keen to consider how we could best continue to serve our online community on our newsletter and over on our Facebook and LinkedIn channels.

We know that people are finding this time tough for all sorts of reasons; for some, they have needed to start working from home and are under pressure to maintain a full-time work presence, while also now being responsible for home-schooling and entertaining their children. For others, it is the struggle of isolation that comes from living independently at a time of social distancing, perhaps even coupled with a lack of routine and purpose if currently stood-down from work that makes things hard

So here’s what we came up with:

  • Week 1: An offer to reconnect, touch base and get some e-support from myself (limited appointments available).
  • Week 2: Tips for surviving (dare I say, thriving) during the lockdown.
  • Week 3: Uplifting messages from the community via our ‘Notes of Hope’ campaign.

You can catch up on the first part of our e-series, which went out last Friday, here. Register for the rest of this email series by dropping your email here (the second instalment will be out this coming Friday – 24th April!).

Fancy contributing to our Notes of Hope campaign?

We believe in the power of lessons learned from lived-experience, and so we have reached out to our community to ask them for some sage words of wisdom and insight that would have brought them comfort when they weren’t feeling 100%.

We originally ran this campaign over on our Facebook channel a few months ago, but there is still time to contribute an anonymous contribution here. Contributions will be collated and shared in the third and final week of this series, sharing notes of hope back with others who might need to hear some comforting words right now.

How else can we help?

We don’t know at this point if the current measures are likely to be extended by the UK Government. In the eventuality that they are extended, we will continue to provide weekly content to support through this period.

Is there a topic you’d particularly like us to write on or design useful resources for? Drop us an email to hello@thewellbeingguy.co.uk to let us know.


Photo by K. Mitch Hodge on Unsplash