About a year ago, I undertook additional training & development to be able to facilitate the half-day safeTALK (Suicide Alertness For Everyone) training; a part of the Living Works suite of suicide prevention workshops which sits alongside ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training).

Combined within an organisation or a community, safeTALK and ASIST make for a powerful strategy for identify those at risk of suicide, and connecting them to intervention trained Care Givers, able to help them keep safe.


What is safeTALK?

safeTALK is a half-day workshop in suicide alertness that can be delivered over a morning, afternoon or twilight session. It helps participants recognise a person with thoughts of suicide and connect them with resources who can help them in choosing to live. Participants don’t need any formal preparation to attend the training, is it after-all focused on developing community based skills – anyone age 15 or older who wants to make a difference can learn the safeTALK steps.

safeTALK resources on a table

Throughout the session we use a variety of learning approaches, including mini-lecture, video content and skills practice. All attendees receive a comprehensive workbook which contains additional resources and information able to support further learning.

Find out more about safeTALK here.


How does it work alongside ASIST?

safeTALK training focuses on developing community awareness of suicide, and supports attendees to recognise the signs of someone who could be having thoughts of suicide, before confidently engaging the person in an open conversation about this with the aim of connecting them to an intervention resource (e.g. ASIST trained caregiver or primary care services) by using the TALK steps— Tell, Ask, Listen, KeepSafe.

As the safeTALK training is more accessible, being a shorter workshop, the hope is that more people will become trained in safeTALK to act as our eyes and ears on the ground. As our safeTALK trained colleagues identify people with thoughts of suicide, they can effectively connect them to our more limited ASIST suicide intervention skills trained colleagues within the organisation or community who are specially trained to be able to run an intervention to keep a person safe-for-now.

Find out more about ASIST here, or view our upcoming workshop details here.


How can I host a safeTALK for my community or organisation?

safeTALK workshops are suitable for for a variety of settings: as part of your organisation’s ongoing development around mental health awareness and resilience; as part of whole-schools, college or university approaches to suicide prevention, for students/staff aged 15 and up or even as an open community workshop (some organisations like to sponsor a workshop as part of their community engagement / Corporate Social Responsibility strategy).

Workshops are ran in-house for groups of between 10-30 attendees, facilitated by our lead trainer Chris Wright (a Master Trainer in ASIST – intervention skills training), supported by Sarah Jones (also a Master Trainer in ASIST) who acts as a Community Resource should any attendees need support themselves at any point in the workshop. You can find out more about our trainers here.

To find out more about hosting a workshop for your community or organisation, drop us a message at hello@thewellbeingguy.co.uk.


Together we can create suicide-safer communities. 

Take care, Chris