We believe in balance.

So if you’re heading out this weekend, follow up with some self care.


This weekend is the time when most office Christmas parties will be happening across the UK. A time to celebrate the achievements of the year, build relationships and take your foot off the gas!

While it’s great to spend time with friends and colleagues whilst letting your hair down, over-consumption of alcohol is often a foregone conclusion and can wreak havoc with wellbeing – especially if you’re someone who experiences anxiety and/or low-mood.

Be sure to check out these self-care tips, make time to recharge your batteries & look after yourself if you do over-indulge this Christmas.

  1. Embrace the great outdoors

    Go for a 20 minute walk outdoors! A brisk walk in the fresh winter air is both refreshing for the body and mind, but also a great way to get grounded in nature.

  2. Get nourished! 

    Indulge in a luxurious cooked breakfast. If the hangover isn’t too bad then cook for yourself (extra points for some mindful cooking!).

  3. Digital detox

    Have a short digital detox (especially if the beer-fear is creeping in). Don’t get caught in the loop of wasting hours jumping from one social media app to another. Disconnect from tech, even just for 24 hours. It can feel so liberating and gives you a chance to reconnect with those around you i.e. your true support networks!

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